What I Miss About California

It has been 6 months since I left California.
Moving to Spain required me quite a lot of adjustments.
There are the things I miss the most about living in California.




Don’t get me wrong, Spanish food is delicious.
But! There is an only limited variety of food available in where we live.
The best thing about California was diversity.
We could find any kind of food.
I got to know about so many different cultures in one country.





This picture was taken at the end of November at La Jolla Beach, San Diego.
It is amazing how warm it is in Southern California!
To me, there is only Spring, Summer, and Autumn and no cold Winter.
It barely rains in California. I hate rain, so it was good for me.
Despite the problem of lack of water, it is very comfortable to live there.



This was the garden of our apartment in California.
I came from somewhere with little space, Japan.
Houses and loads are much smaller compared to the ones in the USA.
But, once I have lived there for a few years, I got used to it.
Spain is a tiny country, compared to the USA.
Much less space and everything is packed in the city.
Driving and parking in the USA are much easier compared to in Spain.



I miss the people and the diversity.
In California, we accept the difference. We appreciate the difference.
I have never been looked at with the eyes of curiosity.
Walking on the street of the outside of the city of Barcelona, people always stare at us.
And yes, I rarely see an interracial couple in this town.
Sometimes, I don’t feel “welcomed”.


But anyway, this blog is not “what I don’t like about Spain”, this is what I miss about California.
I guess I miss being normal, having a normal & comfortable life.
I wish to go back to California one day and visit all the places we used to go.

What is something you miss about your hometown, or where you used to live?


(Some of the pictures were taken by my fiance, Victor Manuel Photography.)

–   Nozomi


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