Road Trip to Shirakawa-go

Time flies when you are busy and having fun!
It has been already two weeks since I came back to Japan.
I only have two more weeks left here.
I couldn’t write a blog post but today I want to share our road trip to Shirakawa-go.


We went to Shirakawa-go on 14th Saturday. They were having Doburoku festival (Doburoku is a kind of Sake, famous from the area). We got there by 11 am, which was quite early for the festival. Because of the festival, there were many street foods.



I was surprised by the number of the tourists! In this area, you can find a unique style of housing. These houses (many of them were restaurants, gift shops, and family-owned inns) are very old and historical. Because of the festival, many of restaurants were closed. But we got to eat street food.



You can also claim up to the mountain to the viewpoint where you can see the whole town. It was about 15 mins walking, but you could also take a bus (200 yen).



It was a great quiet town! I loved seeing these famous houses. We left by 1:30 pm to Takayama, which was about 1 hour away by driving. If you want to enjoy the most out of this town, stay in the family-owned inn for a day. You get to see the inside of these houses. If you are visiting here for a day trip, I would recommend going Takayama after or before the visit at Shirakawa-go. Shirakawa-go was not big enough to spend the whole day.



Sorry for the lack of posting! I have so many ideas and things to share but I have to enjoy my stay in Japan. I’ll share some things I brought from Spain.

We are also daily vlogging on our Youtube Channel, so please check our video on this day! Youtube Japan-Vlog day 9


–   Nozomi


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