Outlet Shopping at La Roca Village

Shopping! This weekend, we went shopping to La Roca Village, outlet shopping center near Barcelona.
I’ll share some information and tips on the better shopping experience.


La Roca Village has located a little bit away from Barcelona city. You can get there by car, train, or shopping express bus they offer. There is free parking space. It is €20 round trip from Barcelona by express bus. They offer VIP Card for additional 10% off! (The discount doesn’t apply if the item is already discounted 50% or more). At the information center, you can apply for the VIP Card.




Rather than VIP Card, there are some stores that offer Student Discount. All you need to show is your student ID and you get whatever the discount they offer. You cannot combine with the VIP Card discount so be smart to see which one gives you more discount. When we shopped at Ted Baker, they were offering 20% student discount. I am not a student anymore, but I showed my university student card from California, and it worked.


Now, which brands can we find? Well, this outlet is at Better to Designer Price Point. Some of the famous brands I saw include, Armani, Burberry, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Coach, Diesel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Levi’s, Micheal Kors, Nike, Ray-Ban… And more. If you usually shop at fast fashion or mass-market brands, this outlet is not for you. I recommend going La Maquinista or Splau

Again, expensive price point but if you are a tourist, you might get a good deal. You can get VIP Discount and Tax Return.



There are many restaurants and cafe so you can spend all day. Many tourists, so I assume it is always busy even on a weekday. There is also a playground for kids so you can bring your child. There were so many kids when we went on Sunday. Very pretty buildings, but it might be difficult to shop during a raining day. cof




After shopping, bring your receipts to the same information center you get VIP Card. Your shopping goes toward mile points. There are so many airline companies on a list you can choose to get mileage points.


Just nearby La Roca, (5 mins walking), there are also some outlet stores. Mango Outlet, Nike Factory and more are located very close so they are worth checking out.


My Mother-in-law got me a wallet from Micheal Kors and a sports bra from Nike.
The wallet didn’t have a good promotion, but I got the sports bra for only €19!


After all, this is a good outlet if you like those high-end brands. I would go there for the designer products and discounted perfume or makeup. I usually shop at fast fashion but something like shoes, bags, and outers are worth spending money for the quality.



–   Nozomi


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