Update (Getting Married in Spain) スペイン式結婚/滞在許可

Hello everyone, how is your summer going?
Today I have some update on “Getting Married in Spain”.

I’m here to share my experience of getting married in Spain as a foreigner. I hope this will help other people as well.
I’ve shared what I have done so far on other blog posts, Interview / 面接 and After the Interview /面接の後 and We Got Married! so please go check if you haven’t.

So we are officially married at this point. To come this far, we had to

  1. Collect all the documents that we needed to submit to Registro Civil.
  2. After collecting all the documents, you get to make an appointment with Registro Civil to have the interview.
  3. Pass the Interview. Now you can get married either through Notario or Jusgado then make an appointment to have the date.
  4. On the day, you sign the paper and officially married.


After this, now I need to apply for residency to stay in Spain legally.

  1. Go to Registro Civil and check the status. Get Libro de Familia and marriage certificate.
  2. Make an appointment with Extranjeria and collect documents you need to submit.
  3. Submit all the documents on the appointment day.
  4. Wait to see if you are accepted.


At this point, I am waiting to see if there is no problem and I get accepted to go on to the next step. Documents you need to submit are

  • Copies of ALL the pages of passport (those without stamps too)
  • Empadronamiento or Cohabitation certificate that proves you and your partner live together
  • Copy of your partner’s Spanish ID
  • Certificate of Marriage

Don’t forget to bring the original passport as well.
When we had the appointment and submitted the documents, I wasn’t questioned anything.


This is how far we’ve come so far. I hope everything will be done by the end of this year so I can finally get to travel and start a fresh year in 2018.
I will update anything that goes in the future.

Interview / 面接  After the Interview /面接の後  We Got Married! 


  1. Registro Civilに提出する必要がある書類を全て集める
  2. 全ての書類を持ってRegistro Civilに行き面接の予約をする。
  3. 面接をする。面接が通ったあとNotarioまたはJusgadoで結婚する日にちを決める。
  4. その日に書類にサインし結婚



  1. Registro Civilに行き婚姻証明書とLibro de Familiaを受け取る
  2. Extranjeriaで書類を提出する日を予約する
  3. 予約した日に必要な書類を提出する
  4. 全てが問題なく通ったか報告を待つ



  • パスポート全ページのコピー(スタンプが押してないページも含める)
  • 同居を証明する書類
  • スペイン人パートナーのIDコピー
  • 婚姻証明








–   Nozomi


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