July Favorite 2017

Happy Friday!
Before the weekend starts, I would like to share my July favorites.
On this month, I didn’t do a lot of traveling or going out.
I was doing some paper work for my residence in Spain and all that stuff you need to do after getting married.


Sephora Color Switch


I’ve heard great things about Color Switch by Vera Mona from Sephora, so I went to Sephora in Spain to see if they have the same thing. Turn out, they had Esponja Limpiadora para Pinceles from Sephora collection. Those two are basically the exact same product. The color switch costs $18, while esponja limpiadora costs only €4,95. The one I bought from Spain is in a plastic container so it is cheaper looking but it does the same job. You can wash this with regular brush cleaner. In Sephora Spain, they had 20% off summer sale on Sephora Collection so I think I only paid just about €4. Great for those who don’t own so many brushes.


Real Techniques Buffing Brush


I included the MAC brush for my past favorite for the foundation, but this Real Techniques Brush  has replaced that one. I got this in a kit, so I don’t know if you can get this brush individually. This doesn’t leave brush strokes like the other one did. I can’t use a brush for the foundation when I am very dry but during the summer time, a brush is working better than a sponge. This brush spreads the foundation evenly to the skin. It is a great size as well.


Anna Sui Glitter Lipstick


This lipstick is discontinued, but it is Lip Rouge D in 670. I bought this about 5 years ago and still looking great. This is a pretty orange lipstick with many tiny golden glitters. I haven’t used for a long time because glitter lip wasn’t really in for years. Looks like after all the matte lipsticks, since last year it is about glitters and metallics. I love this color for summer with simple eye makeup. I have this in my purse. The only con is that the glitters go everywhere.




Last month I wrote a couple of thank you letters to send for our marriage. Although I am away from my family, I always talk to them using FaceTime. But I still think letters are more special than just a phone call. I usually write letters for birthdays, father’s day, and so on. This time I had to send thank you letters to my relatives in Japan who couldn’t attend our wedding. One of my aunts sent me this beautiful letter to congratulate on our wedding. This small kindness made me very happy.




Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish soup. I didn’t like it before but this year I’m consuming sooooo much! It is a tomato based cold soup. It is great for summer. In Spain, you can buy gazpacho in the paper pack. You can even get gazpacho at McDonald’s. Very refreshing to beat this summer heat! (*The picture is a FANCY gazpacho we had at the restaurant!!)


Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake is our new favorite restaurant/cafe in Barcelona! They have multiple locations, but they all have slightly different menus. Their food is very healthy and beautifully presented. They have cupcakes, cakes, pancakes, toast, smoothies, cereals and so on. If you go on the weekend during the lunch time, expect to wait for 1 hour.


Last but not least….


I haven’t played games for a long time but I decided to get this game since it is for 3DS. I thought it will be great to have 3DS game to play on the plane when we go to Japan. I just got this game, but so far I love it! Pikmins are so cute. It is kind of similar to Mario. You need to collect energy and fight the monsters with Pikmins. I hope I won’t finish everything before traveling so I’ll have something to play. I was thinking of getting Animal Crossing Home Designer. How is that game?



Those are my July Favorite. Please share your favorite on comments. In August I want to stay more healthy so I hope I can share some good recipes. I haven’t been on vacation this summer (besides guiding my parents vacation in Barcelona), but we are planning on something small so I hope I can also share that!


–   Nozomi


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