San Francisco: Place to Go & Travel Tips

Happy weekend!
This summer is getting hotter and hotter, I wish I could go on a vacation.
Today, I would like to share my favorite places to visit in San Francisco and some travel tips.


San Francisco is a great destination to travel during the summer time. It doesn’t get too hot and it is always a little bit windy and chilly. I’ve lived in a bay area for 2 years and a half when I was a student. There are so many tourists all year long, but summer is the most popular season. If you are visiting in Fall/Winter, don’t think the weather will be “California Sunshine”. You should bring a jacket (I would say a leather jacket or something lighter than usual winter jacket). I’ve seen so many tourists wearing a T-Shirt and getting cold during those seasons.

Golden Gate Bridge

You must go to Golden Gate Bridge when you go to San Francisco. My favorites places to see the Golden Gate Bridge are Battery Spencer and Baker Beach.
Battery Spencer is a little bit closer and higher than Golden Bridge Vista Point. I usually went by driving, but you could hike or bike up there. It is an old military place where they still have some old weapons and buildings. You can see Golden Gate Bridge very close and can take a great picture.

If you want to spend longer time, I recommend going to Baker Beach. It is a very beautiful and quite beach with a view of Golden Gate Bridge. It is very windy and the water is quite cold. Great for a picknick day. There is parking near by, and it doesn’t get full unless it’s peak season (July-September).




Alcatraz Island is one of the best places you can visit in San Francisco. I went there three times (well, once is enough…). You take a boat from the pier to get to the Island. Because it only has limited tickets each day, you must book the tickets earlier online. If you are going during the summer, I would say to book a ticket at least 2 months before the visit. It is always freezing on the boat so make sure to bring a jacket even in summer.
The visit will be even better if you watch “Escape from Alcatraz” movie before the visit. You will see all the details that actually happened during the escape. When you are visiting the prison, they will give you auto guide. It is also pretty to see the city landscape and the ocean from Alcatraz Island.



You can walk to the pier and find something interesting. There are Farmer’s market, Fisher’s market and some souvenir shop. I would have lunch at Fisher’s market, grab some clam chowder and shrimp or lobster sandwich. Great lunch! There are some good oyster bars as well. If you are looking for basic souvenirs, such as T-Shirts, Shots cups, Photo frame, Plates, etc, go to China Town. They sell them for a cheaper price and you can usually negotiate.



Palace of Art

This place is something very different from other things you see in San Francisco. This is a great place to take some pictures and to take a walk. I’ve seen people talking engagement/wedding pictures as well. Very quiet and it is not really a typical tourist place. You don’t see too many people like you do in other places.


Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge is a bridge that connects San Francisco and Oakland. It is better to see during the night time. You can see from the San Francisco side, but the best view of Bay Bridge is from Treasure Island. Treasure Island is on the Oakland side. You can go by car or bus. Stop by at night and you have the best night view of the city and the bridge.


Lombert Street

Lombert Street is a very unique place you can not really see in somewhere else. You can go throw the street by driving or walking but it is very beautiful. You should go during the day to see the street clearly. If you go on the season (maybe around summer), you will see hydrangeas blooming.


Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a top of the hill where you can see the whole city. You need to drive up there and it is quite difficult to find a parking. But the view you can see is worth of going there. I think at night time is better than day time because all the lights of the city are sparkling. San Francisco is a very foggy city and sometimes you might not be able to see it clear. It will be very cold up there so you should bring a jacket.



San Francisco is a great city to travel. It is a small island, packed with all these beautiful places to visit. Because the island is small, you can go most of the places by taking public transportation. You can ride go-cart, cable cart, bus or metro. If you are going on special holidays, expect the traffic. When I went to see the fireworks on new year’s eve, we got stucked in the traffic for at least 3 hours to get home (usually takes 40 mins). Stay safe and enjoy your trip!

Where is your favorite place to travel?


–   Nozomi


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