Rest of 2017

Hello people, how are you doing?
I just noticed we are at the end of July, which means we only have 5 months left to end 2017.
I wanted to write here, things I want to complete during the rest of 2017.


Going Back to Japan


The last time I went back to Japan was summer 2013. That is 4 years ago! I have all my family members and friends in Japan. Even though my parents, brother, and friends can visit me, my grandparents can’t travel on the long flight anymore.
I miss Japan. I miss my home, lifestyle and just need time to recharge myself. Every now and then I get homesick. I think going back to Japan really will help me to cheer up. My husband hasn’t been to Japan so he also needs to meet all my family and experience the lifestyle of Japan!!


Dance Lesson

I’ve never thought “being able to dance” was such an important material in a person, until I went to Latino party. Every time my in-laws have a party, they dance. That’s good, but what’s not good is they ask US to dance. I don’t know how to dance at all. I used to do a little bit of dancing for my high school festivals to perform, but that was all. My husband kind of know how to dance, but he never does. I thought we should take a dance lesson together. It will be good to start something new together and one day we will be good enough to dance in front of his family.


Getting Fit


I have been struggling to get fit since I left Japan. I know, I was only 18 and skinny. Now that I aged a bit I should really stop this lifestyle. Eating badly and never exercising will eventually take me to somewhere worse than just being chubby. My goal is to lose 5 kg before going to Japan. I want to see how 2-3 months of exercising and eating better can change me.


Finding Purpose

Since I graduated from college I am kind of lost. Being student wasn’t difficult because I just needed to complete tasks that were given. Now that I am on my own, I need to find the tasks myself. One thing that keeps me going is my blog. Since I started my blog, I feel like I found one of the tasks I need to do in my life in order to make my life better. Once I get the permission to work in Spain I want to find something I like.


Organizing my Laptop & iPad

Take one day and do this. Seems easy but it is actually a lot of work. I have my MacBook Pro since 2012. Now it is 5 years old and it is getting extremely slow. I need to organize my laptop and if I can, format everything. I need to do the same with my iPad. My iPad is only 2 years old but it started to have a sound issue. I think we tend to forget to organize electronic files. We keep saving new files but never look back on them. My weakness is the pictures. I can’t delete pictures. But I can’t keep saving them all to my USB either. One day (or take more days), I need to go through on pictures and save those that I like, so I can actually print them and keep them physical copies. We all save and have pictures on the phone or computer but once we change to new ones, we never look back. I think actually having printed pictures and album is the best way to look back.


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