My Top 5 Peruvian Food

Happy Saturday!
My posting schedule has been changing these days but I promise I will get back to it soon.
Since I have been with my husband for 5 years, I got to try a lot of food from Peru.
Today I would like to share my top 5 Peruvian dishes.


Peruvian food is a little bit close to Japanese food. They often use similar ingredients (such as soy source). These dishes are my personal favorites and there is no order for them, I like them equally.

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado is a dish cooked with beef, onion, tomato, red pepper and french fries. It is usually served with rice. The seasonings are vinegar, soy sauce, and chopped cilantro. I don’t like cilantro (although, MOST of the Peruvian food contains cilantro) but I don’t notice too much. It is easy to cook and quick to serve. I can say most of the Peruvian restaurants have this on the menu. This has a good amount of meat and veggies.


Tallarines de Huancaina

Tallarines de Huancaina is a pasta with Huancaina sauce. Huancaina sauce is often served with boiled potatoes as well (Papa a la Huancaina). This dish can be served with lomo saltado, like the picture shows. I like it with lomo saltado because the soy sauce taste is good with the Huancaina sauce. Huancaina sauce is made with cheese and some other ingredients. It can be made spicy. This dish is great for children too.


Chicharron de Pescado

Chicharron de pescado is almost like “Fish and Chips”. The fried fish is very soft and usually served with sliced onion seasoned with cilantro and lemon juice. It can be eaten with rice. It is often served with maiz (large corns) as well. When I get tired of eating too much meat, this is my go-to dish. This dish is very similar to other Peruvian dish called “Jalea”, which is fried seafood mix and fish. Jalea and Chicharron de Pescado are probably my favorite Peruvian dishes.


Arroz Chaufa


For me, Arroz Chaufa is almost like Asian fried rice. The rice is cooked with some vegetables, eggs, seafood or meat. This can be eaten by itself or with other dishes like I did in this picture. It has enough taste but it doesn’t also bother other dishes if eaten together. I think compared to other dishes I introduced, this might be the healthiest choice.


Anticucho de Corazon

Anticucho de Corazon is a BBQ of beef heart. The meat is seasoned with some ingredients but can be eaten with other sauces as well. Often served with potatoes and corns. I love Anticuchos that my mother-in-law makes. Some of the restaurants serve Anticucho very thin sliced and almost burned and hard. I like the texture of heart meat. We also eat beef heart for Japanese BBQ.


Those were my top 5 Peruvian dishes! But last but not least, my favorite dessert, Picarones.


The most delicious Peruvian food! I love them so much but not many restaurants serve it. I guess it is a lot of work to make these. It looks like a donut, but it is more airy and soft. It is served with honey-like sauce. I have my YouTube vlog, which shows how to prepare the picanones by my husband’s aunt. We also have other vlog with a lot of Peruvian dishes so please check out our YouTube Channel.


I hope this makes some people hungry and go try some Peruvian food! Since I got to know and tried so much about Peruvian food, now it is time to learn how to make them.
I promise next blog will not be about food!!lol


–  Nozomi


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