Ramen & DoraPancake

Happy Tuesday!
I know I usually write a blog on Monday and Friday, but I might change to Tuesday and Friday in the future.
Today’s blog is about FOOD FOOD FOOD!
I have been using all the Japanese products I got from my parents.
Instead of doing Japanese food haul, I would like to show you how I cook these products.


I was inspired by seeing “Nama Dorayaki” cooking video on Facebook. Dorayaki is a small pancake like sweets, that sandwich the sweet red bean (Azuki) inside. When it says “Nama” Dorayaki, that means whipped cream is mixed with Azuki. “Nama” means raw in Japanese and whipped cream is called “Nama cream” in Japanese. You can usually find Azuki at Japanese or Asian market.


Instead of making small pancakes, I thought I can make regular size pancakes then just topped by Nama Azuki cream. To make the pancake, you will need

  • Flour                      100g
  • Baking Powder    1tsp
  • Suger                     1tbsp
  • Milk                       100ml
  • Egg                         1
  • Vanilla extract     1/2 tsp                     (For 2 medium size pancakes)

For Azuki whipped cream, you will need

  • Sweet red bean (Azuki)          100g
  • Whipped cream                       150ml

You can also use this cream on toast or crepes. By putting on pancakes, it looked like giant Dorayaki! This is great for breakfast or Sunday brunch.


I also tried to take the instant ramen to an extreme! I found a recipe from Jun’s Kitchen on youtube. He made a video on Homemade Ramen but instead of making the whole ramen, I just made the toppings.

Chasu (pork) took so much time but it was worth it. I only followed his recipe and I made a great Chasu. The only advice I give you is that when you are choosing a chunk of pork, make sure there is some fat. Mine didn’t have much fat and turned out a little bit dry.
With the same marinating sauce, we made boiled eggs for the topping. Rather than fully cooked, a little bit of runny yolk is perfect.

2017-07-14 04.56.15

We can use these toppings on any ramen, but our favorite ramen is Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone soup). The ramen turned out great! With these thick sliced Chasu and eggs, we got more full than usual. These toppings are worth of making even it takes time. If you don’t want to make the Chasu, just boiled egg can turn into your ramen better!

2017-07-14 05.06.43


We also made Japanese Curry last night so please check our YouTube channel for the cooking vlog. It is a great easy cooking with just a few vegetables (and meat if you want).
I hope some of you guys can try these recipes! I loved DoraPancake because it’s a very easy cooking but just adding the Azuki, it makes the food more Japanese taste.


–   Nozomi


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