Barcelona Tourism

Happy Monday!
Today, I would like to share some tourism places I visited in the last months.
I picked my personal favorites places to go in Barcelona-Catalunya area.

Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

File_003 (2)

This is one of the famous Antoni Gaudi’s work. It is an apartment and still used as an apartment and people live there. It was built in 1910. On the same street, there is another Gaudi’s famous apartment building Casa Batllo. I would say just pick one to enter and I loved that we picked Casa Mila. Inside, the apartment was furnished as they would have when the Mila family were living during the early 1900’s. A general ticket with audio tour costs €22 but there are some promotions as well. Inside and especially the top is better than what they look like outside. Worth visiting!

Colonia Guell

File_000 (3).jpeg

Colonia Guell is a neighborhood little bit away from Barcelona city. The whole neighborhood was an industrial city with apparel factories. Guell family was the business owner and decided to hire Antoni Gaudi to create the church. When you go there, you visit the whole neighborhood (school, nursery, church, houses…). The ticket is only €7.20 including the museum visit and audio guide. If you don’t have a car, you can take the metro to go to Colonia Guell. I recommend visiting here if you want to be more relaxed and engage with local people and culture. People in this neighborhood were so kind and nice to us tourists. If you want to save money, you could visit for free (without audio guide nor museum visit) but I highly recommend to get the audio guide to explore the area. You wouldn’t understand anything without the audio guide. The only disappointment was that we couldn’t get into any building but the church. All the houses and school are still used today.

Flamenco Show


Flamenco show was the best thing I’ve seen during this traveling! You must go to see flamenco if you come to Spain. We got the ticket at Tarantos (near Rambla Street) in Barcelona. The show was about 40 mins long for €15. This theater was small but that was the good thing about this place. When you are picking a place to see flamenco, don’t pick a huge theater. In this small theater, we could see clearly from anywhere. I can guarantee that this will never disappoint you! I will definitely go back for a date night.
You can also check our vlog on the show (Youtube).


File_000 (2).jpeg

Unfortunately, it was raining when we went to the beach. But the beaches in Catalunya are so beautiful. Many people go to Barcelona Beach, but if you have time and transportation, I would recommend you to go either Tarragona (South from Barcelona) or Costa Brava (North from Barcelona). We went to Tossa del Mar which is about 1 hour North from Barcelona. There is also a castle and you can spend all day at the area. The water is much clearer than beaches in Barcelona. There are so many good souvenir shops and restaurants to eat seafood. We had some good paella at the beach. My favorite kind of paella is Fideua (Pasta Paella) and my parents really loved Arroz Negro (Squid ink paella).


These are my personal favorite places. Of course, I will highly recommend going La Sagrada FamiliaMontserrat (Sunday at Montserrat), Arc de Triomt, La Boqueria, Tibidabo, and Park Guell. We couldn’t go to Montjuic but it is still on our bucket list.

Picasso Museum was a little bit of disappointment because there was no famous work of him. It was more of collective arts from his garage and practices. I loved Hospital Sant Pau but there was a fashion show when we visited. We didn’t really have a good view of the building.


In the future blog, I will introduce places to eat in Barcelona. I still need to get to know the city better! It has been almost 7 months since I moved to Barcelona and I still find new things every day.
I hope this blog can help some people who are planning on visiting Barcelona.


–  Nozomi


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