We Got Married!

I’m saying hello with good news after taking a break from blogging.
We got married! It took so long and we are so happy that we are finally officially a married couple.
So we had our small ceremony at Notary in Barcelona.
As always, we couldn’t just get married without any problem…

Our ceremony was at 5 pm and we got there by 4:45 pm. But all the other guests got there by 5:30 pm. While we were waiting we noticed that I forgot my passport. I wasn’t too worried because they scanned by passport on the day we made our appointment. But, of course, I needed my identity document. So my mother-in-law needed to go back to the house and bring my passport. It was about 1 hour and a half round way. We were told that we have time until 7 pm. At the end, they got there by 7:15 pm but people there were kind enough to wait for us.

Our small ceremony was nice and intimate. There were my parents, his parents, his sister family and his uncles. It was very emotional and we both couldn’t go through without crying.


After our ceremony, we had dinner with some other relatives. It went very well, better than we thought it would go. I’m so thankful that my parents came to Spain all the way from Japan. They had such a great time in Spain for a week.


Our little dinner party lasted until 1:30 am. We went back so tired and needed to sleep because we had the entrance to Picasso Museum at 9:30 am the next morning.

I can’t believe we got married. We are still not so used to wearing a ring.
I am happy to be his wife. I hope we will have a great family.

Thank you for reading and I’ll come back with June favorite for the Friday blog.

–  Nozomi


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