Japanese Festival in Barcelona

Happy Monday!
How did you spend this weekend?
I went to Japanese Festival (Matsuri BCN) in Barcelona on Sunday.
I would like to share what the festival is about.

The festival was held at Moll de La Fusta, near the Port Vell. The festival has been held yearly around this time of the year since 2013. It was created by Japanese Culture Association in Barcelona. This year, it was held on 11 and 12 of June. I went on 12 Sunday with my Fiance and his sister & her family.


There were so many people! This place is usually packed with many tourists but I was happy to see many Japanese people. There was a stage for performance (dance & music), food cart and small shops. You can check the performance schedule through their website. The food was more authentic than average “Japanese” restaurants in Barcelona. I said “Japanese” because most of them are owned by Chinese people and the food has more of Chinese taste. And let’s be honest, the food was the reason why I was so excited to go there. All of the food wasn’t overpriced and there were quite of variety of food. Everyone could find something they like.


We had Karaage (Fried Chicken), Takoyaki (Octopus Balls), Gyoza, Yakisoba (Noodle), Kakigoori (Shaved Ice), Matcha Frappe and Mochi Icecream. They were all good! I was sad that they run out of tapioca. Maybe going on Saturday will secure the variety of food and products you can find rather than going on Sunday.


I recommend anyone who is interested in Japanese culture to go to this festival next year. At the shops, they were selling books, yukata and kimono, cultural objects (such as painting) and more. I was happy to see Spanish people welcoming Japanese culture. I heard from my Fiance that 10 years ago (when he left Spain for the USA), there was no Japanese food in the area. Now you can easily find Japanese buffet or Sushi store. Japanese culture is slightly expanding among Spain.


Sorry for the lack of pictures! We were so focused on eating. We also vlogged so if you are interested in seeing all the food, dance, store and what they all look like, please check out our YouTube Video on that day!


–  Nozomi


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