Today in 2012

Today in 2012, we started dating.
We completed 5 years together! So quick, so long, so many memories together.
To celebrate, we went to a restaurant, which I have been wanted to go.
Here is the detail about the restaurant.

So we went to Restaurant La Rambla in Sabadell, Barcelona. It is a traditional Spanish food restaurant. We got there around 3:30 pm. In Spain, lunch time is around 1:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm. Some restaurants don’t even open until 2 pm, and some have the lunch hour until 5 pm. When we got there, there were still lines. When we got our table around 3:45 pm, there was still lines.

Anyway, the restaurant is very fancy! It was a perfect location for our anniversary.
They were very busy. And they also took another 15 mins for them to take our order.




They have lunch menus for €12.30 Monday to Friday.
It includes Entree, Main Plate, Dessert, Pan con Tomate, and Drink. It is a fair price.


For the Entree, I ordered a carpaccio, and my fiance ordered a salad. But, they told me they run out of carpaccio, so instead, I ordered pasta. They brought us the pasta and the salad, but the salad looked different than how it was described on the menu. They told us that the salad on the menu also run out, and that’s why we got the different salad. Because we didn’t want to get that one, we ordered gazpacho instead.

The entree was great. I usually don’t like gazpacho, but I loved it!
The pasta was a little bit harder than my like but it was okay.

For the main plate, I ordered paella de pasta and he ordered estofado de sepia.
It didn’t “wow” us but maybe just because we are not a huge fan of Spanish food.
The portion is a good enough for us to be full.


And the dessert! I love sweet so I was waiting for this moment. I got a Mousse de Ferrero Rocher and he got a Mousse de Crema Catalana. Delicious! It was one of the best cake I have ever tried since I came to Spain.


Even though they were busy and running out of the dish, the food and the customer service were good. HOWEVER! When we were eating the cake, my boyfriend found a piece of plastic inside of the cake. We were mad and disappointed. We let the server know about it and they brought us a new dessert and offered us free drinks.

It was going to be our new favorite restaurant around the area but we decided not to come back anymore. After finding the stuff in the cake, they didn’t give us any discount on today or a future visit. They only offer us free coffee!


Even though our lunch didn’t go well, we had a great date together.
It excites me to think about more years we have together in the future. So many plans!
I hope in another 5 years, we will be celebrating 10 years anniversary in somewhere nicer.

I hope some do find this restaurant review helpful.
Thank you for reading.


–  Nozomi


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