Sweet Treat

How hot it is in Spain!
It’s been hot for the last couple of days here in Barcelona.
Donde està la primavera?! I want warm spring back!
Anyway, I would like to share this cute gelato shop we always go during the hot weather.

There are tons of gelato shops in Barcelona.
All of them looks pretty much similar, with quite a variety of flavors.
My favorite flavors are chocolate mint, rum and raisins, oreo and Nutella.
The picture is showing only HALF of their flavors!

ice cream

They also have a couple of cakes on the counter.
I’ve always wanted to try their Red Velvet cake!


This gelato shop is so far the best we have tried in our area.
They have the coziest and cutest decoration.
It is usually full on the weekend and during the summer.
Even though I miss frozen yogurt (where I can put chocolate ice cream with some chocolate chip as much as I want!), gelato is much tastier.


Food is a huge difference from the United States to Spain.
We were able to find any kind of food in California, especially good Asian food, but it is very hard to find authentic food in Spain.
I am craving Thai Tea with Tapioca…!
It has been difficult for me to adjust this difference.
I would like to talk this difference in the future blog.


But what I love about Spain is that there are so many local shops.
Cute gelato shops, bakeries, restaurants… I have so much to discover!
Walking on the street, I always find something new to try.
I can’t wait for my family and friends from Japan to visit me in Spain.
I have many places to take them.


– Nozomi




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