Sunday at Montserrat

Happy Monday!
Sunday is quite boring for me in Spain because everything is closed.
Some of the tourism places are still open and we decided to go to Montserrat.

Montserrat is about an hour away from Barcelona city by driving.
There is a church, chapel, and farmer’s market on top of the mountain.
Inside of the church, there is a famous statue of Virgin of Montserrat.
People from all over the world go there to touch the statue.

I love the old European architecture.
I can visit thousands of churches and castles, and never get tired.
That’s something I cannot see as much either in Japan nor California.


To get to the top part, you can take the train, cable train, and cable car.
It is also a great place for hiking. I needed this nature walk!
We were also lucky enough to get there when performers were dancing.

This was my second visit, but I would like to go back in Summer!
And on next visit, I will grab some local food at farmer’s market.
I have so much to explore in Spain!

Also, check out our vlog on this day! (YouTube)

– Nozomi


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