Interview / 面接

Hello there, today I would like to share a part of the process of getting married in Spain.
On this blog, I will also write in Japanese so that some people can find it helpful too.

This applies to only International marriage.
International marriage is more complicated as there are many false marriages for the purpose of getting a citizenship.
There are a lot more requirements. It takes much longer time.

On May 2nd, we had our interview to get married at civil registration (registro civil).
We’ve waited for this interview for 9 months!!
We were very nervous about this interview, especially for me because the interview was in Spanish.
We were lucky to have such a nice lady as our interviewer and it went very well.
So I would like to share all the questions, the total of 26 I was asked.


Interview Questions

  1. How old are you?
  2. How old is your partner?
  3. How many siblings does your partner have? What are their names?
  4. When is your partner’s birthday?
  5. Where were you born?
  6. Where was your partner born?
  7. How did you guys meet?
  8. Have you met his/her family?
  9. Has your partner met your family?
  10. In what language do you guys communicate?
  11. What was the last gift you gave to your partner? What was the occasion?
  12. What as the last gift you got from your partner? What was the occasion?
  13. What kind of education does your partner have? (Major, College/University)
  14. What kind of education do you have? (Major, College/University)
  15. Do you work? What do you do for a living?
  16. Does your partner work? What does he/she do for a living?
  17. Which football team does your partner support?
  18. Which football team do you support?
  19. What kind of food does your partner like?
  20. What kind of food do you like?
  21. When and where was the last vacation you guys had together?
  22. Have you had any surgical operations in the past?
  23. Has your partner had any surgical operations in the past?
  24. What is the color of your bedroom wall?
  25. What kind of kitchen stove do you guys have? Electronic or fire?
  26. Are you getting married to get Spanish citizenship or do you love your partner?


These questions were easy for us, as we have been dating for 5 years.
Now we will have to wait for another 1 month – 3 months to get the result of this interview to know whether we passed or not.
Well, I’m sure we passed!
I hope some people find this helpful.
I will be sharing more things about getting married in Spain in the future blog.
Can’t wait to get married!



面接はバルセロナ県内(でも市外)の Registro Civil です。


  1. あなたはいくつですか?
  2. あなたの婚約者はいくつですか?
  3. あなたの婚約者は何人兄弟がいますか?それぞれの名前を言ってください。
  4. あなたの婚約者の誕生日はいつですか?
  5. あなたはどこで生まれましたか?
  6. あなたの婚約者はどこで生まれましたか?
  7. どうやってあなたの婚約者に出会いましたか?
  8. あなたは婚約者の家族に会いましたか?
  9. あなたの婚約者はあなたの家族に会いましたか?
  10. 二人では何語で話しますか?
  11. 最後にあげたプレゼントは何ですか?いつでしたか?
  12. 最後にもらったプレゼントは何ですか?いつでしたか?
  13. あなたの婚約者はどこの学校で何を勉強しましたか?
  14. あなたはどこの学校で何を勉強しましたか?
  15. あなたは働いていますか?職業はなんですか?
  16. あなたの婚約者は働いていますか?職業はなんですか?
  17. あなたの婚約者が応援しているサッカーチームはどこですか?
  18. あなたが応援しているサッカーチームはどこですか?
  19. あなたの婚約者が好きな料理はなんですか?
  20. あなたが好きな料理はなんですか?
  21. 最後に一緒に行った旅行はいつ/どこでしたか?
  22. あなたは過去に手術をしたことがありますか?
  23. あなたの婚約者は過去に手術をしたことがありますか?
  24. 寝室の壁の色は何色ですか?
  25. 家のキッチンはオール電化ですか?それとも火ですか?
  26. あなたはスペイン国籍のために結婚しようとしていますか?それとも婚約者のことが好きだから結婚しようとしていますか?


–  Nozomi


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