Simply Nozomi

Hi, this is my first blog post so I would like to start by introducing myself.
My name is Nozomi and I am 23 years-old female.
I live in Barcelona, Spain since December, 2016.

So how did I end up in Barcelona? Well, here is my background.

In 1994, I was born in Japan.
I am 100% Japanese, and all my family members live in Japan.
I had a great childhood. I have one older brother and a bird as a pet.
I miss Japan so much. Last time I was there was Summer 2014.

Right after graduating from high school in Japan, I left Japan alone to study in California, United States.
I was 18 and I started community college.
That’s where I met my boyfriend Victor (soon to be my husband!).
First 2 years of my stay in California, I was in the Bay Area (near San Francisco) and got my Associate Degree in Spanish.
Then I transferred to a university and moved to Orange County.
Another 2 years later, I got my Bacher’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising.


After my 4 years and half of my college life in California, I moved to Barcelona, Spain to get married with my boyfriend.
That’s where my life is right now.
We are in a process to get married in Spain. So complicated, so much patient.
In the future blogs, I will share all the process we went through so some people might find them helpful.

My idea for this blog is to share a little part of my life.
I will mainly write in English, but for some topics (such as marriage process or learning languages) I will also share in Japanese.
If I am to challenge hard, I’ll try Spanish too!

I am open to any request so please send me some messages or comment on the blogs.
I also have Instagram and YouTube.

Well, cheers to my first blog!

– Nozomi


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